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How to Grow Your Brain
5 Lesson Unit on Neuroscience & Neurodiversity

This is a unit on neuroscience and neurodiversity for elementary school students grades 2-6. The contents can be modified for older students and adult learners. The purpose of this unit is to introduce neuroscience, brain facts, and the science of learning.

How to Grow Your Brain Lessons:

1. Introduction & Brain Facts

2. Neural Pathways & Zone of Proximal Development

3. Know Your Brain - Charting Your Skills

4. Map Your Brain - Knowing Your Strengths and Challenges

5. Courageous Self-Reflection & Goal Setting 

The activities included will support students in reflecting on their strengths and challenges in learning and life.

These lessons can be spread over days or weeks.

Resources for Teaching & Learning

There are tons of amazing resources available. In this section, I will provide links to some of my favorite curriculums, trainings, and resources. I encourage you to continue your research and find the resources that are the most meaningful and impactful for you and the students you serve.

Favorite Programs & Resources

Neuroscience & Learning About Learning

Social-Emotional Learning


Behavior Support

Restorative Justice

Teaching Mindfulness

Social Justice

Art Class
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