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Testimonials: Testimonials

"Ms. Taylor was my son's Special Education teacher for three years (ages 3 to 6). She genuinely cared about her students and seemed to really enjoy working with children with special needs. She was knowledgeable, methodical, patient, and innovative. My son started Ms. Taylor's program with limited vocabulary and was socially withdrawn and made noticeable positive changes shortly after attending Ms. Taylor's program. He was learning new things every day and just seemed so happy. By the time my son was transitioned out of Ms. Taylor's program (and special education) three years later, he had flourished into a fine young boy who knew more words and math than most kids his age, as well as possessed all the qualities of a disciplined student who was ready and able to learn anything. I credited Ms. Taylor with my son's amazing transformation and his success in school. It was such a pleasure working with Ms. Taylor, who provided us with a very positive experience with Special Education."

Eileen Ko

Testimonials: Image
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