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Look No Further! 


I am writing this review with immense gratitude and admiration for the incredible impact Amber has had on our lives, particularly on my daughter's educational journey. My daughter is 9 years old and in the 3rd grade. She attends public school with an IEP. When we first turned to Amber, we were in a state of frustration and confusion after feeling let down by the public school system. Amber has been a beacon of hope, wisdom, and expertise that has not only transformed my daughter's educational experience but also restored our confidence in finding the right support.


Amber's ability to identify and address the gaps in my daughter's processing and learning, which had been overlooked by the school, was nothing short of extraordinary. She crafted a TaylorEd education plan that proved to be more effective in just six months than the four years of public school with an IEP. Amber went above and beyond by recommending additional assessments from the district, showing her commitment to thorough and comprehensive support for my daughter’s unique needs.


Amber offers her active involvement and insight in my daughter’s IEP meetings and strategy sessions. Her advocacy and deep understanding of the world of Special Education have played a crucial role in shaping the direction of my daughter’s education. Amber's continuous commitment to staying up-to-date of new techniques and programs showcases her dedication to providing the best possible support for her students.


My daughter’s confidence had suffered significantly in the public school system, and her reluctance to engage with educational support was evident. Amber, however, is a true professional when working with children who are hesitant to receive academic support. She not only identified and addressed this challenge but also taught my daughter new ways to express fatigue and face difficulties with success. Through Amber's guidance, my daughter has not only begun to regain her confidence but has also developed self-advocacy skills, improved executive functions, and experienced a remarkable burst in academic progress.


Amber's sessions are characterized by thoughtfulness and kindness. She goes above and beyond, adding personal touches and milestone encouragements that make the learning process not only effective but also a source of motivation and care. It is evident that Amber sees each child as an individual with unique needs, and her approach is a testament to her genuine dedication to their success.


In summary, we are profoundly grateful for Amber's presence in our lives. She has not only changed my daughter’s educational trajectory but has also instilled a sense of hope, confidence, and joy in learning. We wholeheartedly recommend Amber to any family seeking an exceptional educational therapist who is knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated to making a lasting impact on the lives of the children she serves. 

With deepest appreciation!
The Gonzalez-Navarro Family


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April Rehrig, Rise Educational Advocacy  - IEP Parent Coaching & Training

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