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Certificated Educational Therapist 

Credentialled Education Specialist - M/M & M/S

Lifetime Certificate - Early Childhood Special Education 

Master of Arts International Multicultural Education 

Some of my earliest memories are of feeling angry and frustrated in school. Despite my privilege growing up white in suburbia with two college-educated parents, I didn’t feel seen or heard in school. I was identified as gifted and yet I struggled with reading, spelling, and math. 

My mother was a teacher and throughout elementary school, she worked with me using hands-on activities related to my areas of interest to remediate and reinforce the concepts I was learning in school. When I was struggling with fractions, we suddenly needed to double or half recipes while baking—and somehow I never caught on. It wasn’t until I was an educator myself, that I began to understand her real motivation. 

After years of struggling and extra help at home, I finally mastered reading and math. In middle school and high school, I began to gain confidence in my academic abilities and was fortunate to have teachers who listened to me and encouraged me. I was fortunate to find colleges and universities that supported my natural curiosity and allowed me to become a scholar. 

As I transitioned from school to work, I began to discover a deeply held commitment to self-reflection and self-advocacy. In my work in Early Childhood Special Education, it was clear to me how few educators take the time to listen to their young students and truly validate the thoughts and feelings they share. 

Over the past 19 years as an Special Education Teacher and Education Specialist, I have worked to create innovative research based programming for struggling students and neurodiverse learners. From mental health support in a day treatment facility to home based instructions for students with medical conditions, I have sought to understand my students, support their self-knowledge, and teach self-advocacy.

As I progress in my career, I have become increasingly aware of the many social, structural, and systemic factors which impact access and opportunity for students and educators. Over the past 10 years, I have sought to cultivate mindfulness, learn about ableism in Special Education, understand racism in our schools and society, and began studying neuroscience in education. 

As an Educational Therapist, I am thrilled to work one-on-one with students and educators to support self-regulation, social-emotional learning, mindfulness, and coping skills to maximize outcomes for struggling learners. I know that research-informed data-based individualized academic instruction and intervention services can empower students and change lives. 

I am committed to: 

  • creating strengths-based learning opportunities and holistic support services

  • cultivating mindfulness, compassion, and healing learning trauma 

  • empowering neurodiverse learners through self-discovery and critical pedagogy

  • providing socially conscious and culturally sensitive consultation and collaboration services for all students, families, and educators, and 

  • striving to embody principles of social justice and antiracism in education

Professional Associations: 

  • Association for Educational Therapists

  • Council for Exceptional Children


19 years developing & implementing Special Education programming
6 years building inclusion programs in diverse Bay Area Charter Schools
Extensive experience providing social emotional, behavioral, & mental health support
Passionate about mindfulness, self-regulation, & social emotional learning
Expertise conducting collaborative academic assessments & educational evaluations 
Committed to innovative, strengths-based, data-driven individualized instruction
Experience supporting diverse multilingual students ages 2-45 across 4 countries & 3 continents


Holy Names University, School of Education

Educational Therapy Certificate

Member of the Association of Educational Therapists

University of San Francisco, Graduate School of Education

Master of Arts in International Multicultural Education

Teaching While White: White Identity Development and Antiracism for Educators

California State University, Sacramento

College of Continuing Education

Clear Credentials - Education Specialist Mild/Moderate & Moderate/Severe 

Lifetime Certificate - Early Childhood Special Education 

University of California, Berkeley

Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies

Education Abroad - University of Bologna, Italy & University of Ghana, Legon


Teaching While White: White Identity Development and Antiracism for Educators 

Master's Projects and Capstones, Scholarship Repository University of San Francisco, May 2017.


From Station Time to Mother's Day: Tales of Teaching First Words

The Teachable Moment: Seizing the Instants When Children Learn (Kaplan Voices Teachers) 

Original Edition, June 2010. Kaplan Publishing. Available on Amazon


Teaching While White Workshop: White Identity Development and Antiracism for Educators

  • Hawaii International Conference on Education - Honolulu, HI (2017)

  • USF Symposium on Engaged Scholarship - San Francisco, CA (2017)

  • Teachers 4 Social Justice Conference - San Francisco, CA (2016)

Training & Professional Development

Services are informed by my experience and training with the following program and methodologies. I draw on my expertise, training with brain-based learning, and the individual’s needs to create a highly individualized combination of curriculums and methodologies.

Mindfulness Education Training

Mindful Educator Training, Mindful Life Project 

Mindfulness Fundamentals, Mindful Schools 

Creating Peaceful Schools Conference, Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center

Residential Meditation Retreats, Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Social Justice Training

Anti-Bias Education for K-12 Educators, Teaching Tolerance 

Introduction to Kingian Nonviolence, East Point Peace Academy

Restorative Justice Training, Tiers 1 & 2, Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth

White and Awakening in Sangha, East Bay Meditation Center

White Privilege and Antiracism, White Privilege Conference

Instructional Methodology

Art & Science of Teaching, Marzano Research

Teaching Excellence Network, Teaching Excellence Network

A Focused Approach to Systematic ELD, Systematic ELD

Visually Structure Learning, Thinking Maps

Positive Behavior Supports for Neurodiverse Students, Wired Differently Seminar 

Academic Assessment - CAPA, WJ, KTEA, DIBELS, TOWL, etc.


Services are informed by my experience with the following curriculums. I am not fully certified in each of these but am informed by and incorporate strategies from them in developing a TaylorEd approach for each individual student based on their needs and their cognitive profile.  

Social Emotional Learning 

Self-Regulation and Emotional Control, Zones of Regulation

Social Emotional Learning Curriculum, Tool Box

Superflex Social Thinking Curriculum, SocialThinking

Teaching Social Competencies, Social Thinking

Academic Methodology 

Orton-Gillingham Academy, Completed 40 Hours of Training

Reading Revolution

Speech Aerobics

Singapore Math

Making Math Real Institute

Common Core Curricula

Lucy Calkins Reading Workshop

Lucy Calkins Writing Workshop

American Reading Company

Houghton Mifflin Reading

Houghton Mifflin Mathematics

Eureka Math 

Engage NY

Academic Assessment

Woodcock-Johnson Test of Achievement

Kaufman Test of Academic Achievement

Autism Specific Training

TEACCH Autism Program, Professional Certification 

Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECs)

Pivotal Response Training, Koegel Institute

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