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Services & Rates

Additional information for each of the services offered are described below.

Currently offering Educational Therapy services (specializing in multisensory reading and writing support for students, grades 1-8), Educational Consultations for educators, families, schools, and homeschool communities (grades PK-8), and Instructional Coaching and Professional Development for educators, families, and schools. Rates and descriptions of services are provided below.

I am fully credentialed in California and am happy to contract with school districts and invoice per settlement agreement as needed. I am also a registered vendor with several homeschool programs. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Educational Therapy


I offer carefully crafted intervention and support services in reading and writing. Using multisensory research-based learning strategies, I support students in developing mindfulness, kind self-reflection, and thoughtful methods for learning and growth. 


Currently serving Grades 1-8.

All services are virtual on Zoom.

Available by appointment only.

Initial Consultation

30 Minutes by Phone or Video (Free)

This initial contact is an opportunity for us to meet and discuss your student’s needs. It allows us both to see if this might be the right fit. Please use the Contact Form or contact me by email at

Intake & Baseline Assessment
3-8 sessions prepaid at a flat rate of $675-975

Rates are based on the duration and complexity of services. 

The student's age and educational history impact the time and complexity of the assessment. These rates include 1 hour with the parent(s) or guardian(s), 30 minutes to 1 hour with each classroom teacher(s), allied professional, or assessor working with the student, and live sessions with the student (as outlined above) building our relationships, assessing prior knowledge, completing intake assessments, and gathering information for curriculum development and instruction.

During this process, we will need to gather background information, including student and family history, school and medical records, assessments, and work samples. I will then select assessment tools and assess the student to collect baseline data. Based on this information, I will make recommendations for services and develop individualized instructional materials. This assessment is not a full academic assessment for IEP or IEE purposes.

Educational Therapy
50-minute sessions prepaid at a rate of $135-195 per session

Individual rates are determined by the age and needs of the student, as well as the frequency and duration of services, with discounts available for students enrolled in 3 or more sessions a week. Reduced rates are available based on documented financial need and eligibility for state and federal aid.

I offer multisensory reading, writing, and math support for students (Grades 1-8). I create each lesson to meet your child's needs, address any error patterns or gaps in their learning, and progress based on their performance and proficiency. To promote mastery and maximize gains, students require frequent practice. As a result, I typically recommend services two to three times a week on alternating days to allow for rest and repetition. 

Educational Therapy services include "live" individualized, strengths-based instruction plus 1-2 hours of data analysis, clinical notes, instructional planning, curriculum development, and one 30-minute consultation or email update per month. Additional consultation and collaboration time, including parent conferences, consultation with the school, instructional coaching, or homeschool support, is available at the hourly consultation rates below. 

Graduation or Termination of Services

As students progress, the frequency of services will gradually reduce over time. When a student no longer requires services or services are terminated (life happens), please provide as much notice as possible. Since Educational Therapy requires a lot of relationship building and often creates a strong bond, we will need to work together to provide closure and support the student in planning for the transition. During the final weeks of services, we will review previously taught concepts, celebrate student progress, and discuss the transition. Following the final session, the family will receive a final progress report.

Cumulative “Post” Assessment
2-3 hours - K-1 $275, 2nd and up $575 (Optional)

If the student will be continuing services, receives academic support in school, or has an IEP or 504 Plan, it can be helpful to have a cumulative assessment report documenting the content covered in Educational Therapy and student outcomes. This is an opportunity to document the student’s progress and present levels of performance and provide recommendations for future accommodations, modifications, and support services. Please reach out if you have any questions about the exit assessment or termination process. 


This report also provides documentation of services in case reimbursement is possible through the school district or medical insurance.

Additional Related Services

Additional Informal Assessments Reports
$150-300 per report

This includes a comprehensive report of student progress and present levels of performance, including 1 hour of consultation with the family and/or school support team. This can be helpful for upcoming IEPs or meetings with the school staff.

Participation in Educational Meetings
$150 per hour, Testimony Fees $200 per hour

These rates apply to any additional consultation, including participation in 504 Meetings, Student Support Team Meetings, Individual Education Plan Meetings, Mediation, and Testimony as an Expert Witness.

Consultation & Support Services
for Families, Educators, and Schools

Educational Consultation
$50-150 per session based on frequency & needs

Services available for educators, families, schools, and homeschool communities (PK-8) 


As a veteran educator, I am committed to supporting educators, homeschool communities, and schools in developing and implementing effective research-informed data-based educational services. To this end, I am pleased to offer a range of classroom observation, coaching, collaboration, and consultation services.


Specializing in:

  • individualized content creation & specialized academic instruction

  • goal-based data collection & data-based decision making

  • special education programming & curriculum development

  • understanding learning differences, autism, and English language learners

  • visually structured teaching & multisensory strategies for learning

  • instructional coaching for general educators & homeschool families

  • special education assessment, 504 plans & individual education plans (including document reviews and meeting preparation)

Instructional Coaching
$50-150 per session based on frequency & financial need

I offer instructional coaching and support for educators and educational therapists. Like Educational Therapy services, Instructional Coaching is flexible and designed to support your professional development. 


Specializing in: 

  • teaching about neurodiversity

  • developing self-knowledge and self-advocacy

  • mindfulness and grounding skills

  • sensory-support and self-regulation

  • multisensory reading and writing

  • individualized instruction

  • visually supported instruction

  • support strategies for students with autism

Professional Development for Educators, Families, & Schools 
$100-350 per hour

I offer a range of training, professional development opportunities, and webinars to support families and professionals. I work to address the diverse needs of educators and learners across a wide range of settings. I focus on individualized instruction, neurodiversity,  self-regulation, mindfulness, and inclusion while prioritizing critical pedagogy, radical inclusion, social justice, and anti-racism.

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