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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I have answered some of the frequently asked questions about Educational Therapy.
If you don't see your question, feel free to reach out. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

What is Educational Therapy?

Educational Therapy is individualized instruction to support academic learning. Like Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy, Educational Therapy supports students in developing a specific set of skills that are especially challenging for them. An Occupational Therapist might focus on fine motor skills or sensory regulation, an Educational Therapist might target reading, writing, math, attention, or executive functioning, to name a few. Educational Therapy services are individualized to meet the needs of each student. Educational Therapists work one on one with students to provide a safe space to address areas of difference, perceived failure, and/or learning trauma.  

Please remember, Educational Therapy is not Psychotherapy. While I am skilled in supporting students through the strong emotions and even the trauma that can come with learning failure, I am not a trained therapist or psychologist. I will provide referrals for mental health support if your child appears to be experiencing symptoms outside the range of our educational work, such as anxiety or depression. It is crucial that your student receive the emotional and psychological support they need in order to be available for learning.

How is Educational Therapy different than tutoring?

Educational Therapy and tutoring both support academic learning, and an extraordinary tutor may blur the lines between the two. However, the goal of tutoring is most often to support a student in learning specific strategies or content. On the other hand, the purpose of Educational Therapy is to support the student in understanding their learning profile, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, and navigating the world in ways that allow them to grow, meet their goals, and feel successful.

In Educational Therapy, I teach mindfulness, self-regulation, and coping skills. I partner with students to co-create their TaylorEd learning experience, designing individualized strengths-based learning opportunities to promote self-knowledge and personal growth. We work directly to support self-acceptance, self-advocacy, and empowerment in learning and life. 

Educational Therapy services provide access to expert individualized instruction and a supportive environment to counter negative experiences with learning and learning challenges. Students experiencing difficulties in learning often experience frustration, anger, shame, and even trauma. In Educational Therapy, we go beyond content and curriculum to support the whole person. 

How do I know if Educational Therapy is right for my child?

Educational Therapy is a wonderful resource for students who struggle with traditional school experiences, students with learning differences, and neurodiverse learners. Educational Therapy is recommended for students who are struggling primarily with learning. Students with significant behavioral or emotional challenges may be better served by first receiving behavioral or mental health services. For additional information please see the Association of Educational Therapy (AET) article Does My Child or Adolescent Need Educational Therapy?

How do I find an Educational Therapist?

I provide one approach to Educational Therapy, while I am committed to providing high-quality services, my philosophy will not be the right fit for every student or family. For a complete listing of registered Educational Therapists please visit the Association of Educational Therapists

How long do services last?

Educational Therapy services are booked in 50-minute sessions, it is crucial that your child arrive and depart on time to receive the full benefit of each session. Students are typically seen 1-2 times per week. Services may last a few months or several years depending on the needs of the student. When moving on from Educational Therapy it is crucial that the student complete at least two final sessions to allow for closure and provide a sense of completion.

What are the costs?

Educational Therapy Services are typically billed by the hour. Hourly rates for Educational Therapists typically range from $100-150 per hour. For additional information on rates and services, please see Services & Rates.

What should I expect when I reach out?

During our initial consultation, we will discuss your child’s strengths and your concerns. We will briefly review the history of your child’s experiences with learning and intervention support services. Through this process, we will begin to get to know each other and determine whether you are interested in moving forward with the intake process. Please remember throughout this process, you will be trying to determine if I am the right fit for your family and I will be trying to determine if I have the training and expertise to best support your child.

How do I get started?

Please complete the contact form to request a free consultation.

For more information about Educational Therapy, please visit the Association of Educational Therapists for additional information and resources.

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