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Amber Taylor-Garrett

Educational Therapist, Ed Specialist & Special Education Consultant

About Amber Taylor-Garrett Educational Therapy

For over 20 years, I’ve been committed to engaging students through innovative, research-informed educational programing. Today, I bring that same enthusiasm for innovative data-based instruction to my private practice. 

Whether you are looking for academic support for a struggling reader, intervention for a reluctant writer, or consultation on how to better support a particular student, I’m here to help. I promote growth and empowerment through educational therapy, academic assessment, and consultation services for students, families, educators, homeschool communities, and schools. 

As an Educational Therapist, I partner with students to co-create their TaylorEd learning experience. I teach mindfulness and self-advocacy as we approach academic content together. I strive to create safe spaces for learning and growth, through critical pedagogy and antiracism in education.


Individualized instruction tailored for your child's cognitive profile. and designed to support your child’s self-knowledge, self-compassion, learning, and growth. Specializing in individualized data-based, research-informed, multisensory instruction. Offering virtual reading and writing support for students in 1st-8th grade.

Consultation & Support

As a veteran educator, I am committed to supporting educators, homeschool communities, and schools in developing and implementing effective research-informed data-based educational services. To this end, I am pleased to offer a range of classroom observation, coaching, collaboration, and consultation services.

I offer instructional coaching and support for educators and educational therapists. Like Educational Therapy services, Instructional Coaching is flexible and designed to support your professional development. As well as, a range of training, professional development opportunities, and webinars to support families and professionals.

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